The original product from the path try an incredibly erratic half a dozen-carbon intermediate that quickly splits for the step three-phosphoglycerate

The original product from the path try an incredibly erratic half a dozen-carbon intermediate that quickly splits for the step three-phosphoglycerate

C (1) cytosine; (2) cysteine; (3) carbon; (4) Celsius; (5) clonus; (6) centum (Latin to own hundred); (7) jizz (Latin to have having); (7) centigrade; (8) Carboniferous Period.

C3 carbon dioxide fixation path A metabolic path, feature many plants, where, during the carbon dioxide fixation, 3-phosphoglycerate is the first secure advanced natural compound on the which carbon dioxide is actually converted (3-phosphoglycerate include about three carbon atoms, and therefore the name C3).

cabbit /CAB-bit/ The new alleged children regarding a buck rabbit and you may a woman pet, called good rabcat. Addiitional information

closet out-of curiosities Inside the Renaissance European countries, a private type of exceptional otherwise uncommon stuff, which have been generally speaking, not only of natural source. More information

Caenorhabditis elegans /see-no-rab-DIT-?s Este-?-g?ns/ An excellent nematode much utilized in biological look, especially in the industry of developmental family genes. Since it is clear, all of the cell with its body is visible. Adults features just 816 tissues (302 try neurons). The future of every mobile at each stage out of creativity was understood. Image

calcaneus /kal-KANE-ee-?s/ A bone of tarsus, that people underlies brand new heel; brand new heel-bone. Lower Body | Superior Facial skin | Lateral Body | MEDIAL Facial skin

calcitonin /KAL-s?-TONE-?n/ A good thirty-two-amino acidic linear polypeptide hormonal. Secreted because of the thyroid, they serves to reduce blood calcium supplements levels; included in a general selection of vertebrates.

See: Calvin course

calcium supplements (Ca) /KAL-see-?m/ Silver-white steel feature. Nuclear lbs ; atomic amount 20. Vertebrates want seemingly large volumes interracial cupid benzeri uygulamalar out of calcium to the design and you can fix of bones. It is reasonably essential to case out-of nervousness and you will system, which will be an important cofactor into enzymes in bloodstream clotting and you may a number of most other bodily processes. The fresh thyroid gland hormones calcitonin reduces, and you may parathyroid hormonal expands, blood calcium supplements profile.

calcium phosphate /KAL-see-?m FOSS-fate/ The fresh compound getting back together 85 percent of one’s nutrient posts away from bones. Moreover it is the reason three-quarters of ash remaining after cremation.

Picture of CALICO Cat

calico cat (British: tortoiseshell-and-white pet) /KAL-?-koe/ A beneficial tortoiseshell cat having white spots. These pets, being almost exclusively women, keeps a great patchy color on account of haphazard inactivation of various X chromosomes in numerous somatic cell outlines early in the development (an important coating color locus within the cats is on the latest X chromosome).

energy (cal) /KAL-er-ee/ The amount of temperature needed to increase one to gram regarding h2o regarding 14.5? to 15.5?C in the a force of 1 conditions.

Calvin cycle (in addition to Calvin-Benson duration or dark effect) /KAL-vin, BEN-s?n/ A number of biochemical reactions happening throughout the stroma off brand new chloroplasts of them flowers using the C3 carbon dioxide obsession pathway. RuBisCO is the key chemical of your own Calvin stage. Diagram Regarding CALVIN Period

cambium /KAM-bee-?m/ The newest tube of undifferentiated embryonic tissue (meristem) that enables the stem away from an extract to expand into the diameter.

543 in order to 488 mya) time of the Paleozoic Point in time. Geologist Adam Sedgwick founded the name towards the Cambria, which is the Latin identity regarding Wales, in which he found the original recognized Cambrian deposits. It actually was inside Cambrian your some invertebrate phyla very first became numerous as the fossils. Image | GEOLOGIC Big date Level

camp Cyclic adenosine monophosphate (cyclical Amp otherwise cyclical 3′,5′-adenosine monophosphate), an excellent diffusable signaling molecule important in of numerous physiological procedure. go camping try synthesized regarding adenosine triphosphate (ATP) by the adenylyl cyclase. go camping P was catalyzed because of the phosphodiesterase. go camping are a great “next messenger.” Which is, it is an enthusiastic signaling molecule you to offers a signal out-of extracellular supply for some site inside the phone. Essentially, such as for instance signals come from a hormonal which is itself too big to go into this new telephone.