Martin initiate a relationship with Stacey Branning and you can movements from inside the that have this lady along with her child Lily Branning

Martin initiate a relationship with Stacey Branning and you can movements from inside the that have this lady along with her child Lily Branning

toward 16th , Sonia mentions so you can rocky and you will Kathy bex won’t be available for Xmas on account of with a special sweetheart

Bex hears good rumour that Louise got intercourse with Keegan within the newest party, very she informs her for taking a maternity decide to try, but Martin captures Bex getting the decide to try to have Louise and you may improperly takes on it’s to have herself

Martin intentions to plan to Stacey and you can Bex brings him the lady true blessing but is grateful when they select to not ever wed. Stacey offers delivery in order to a son, Arthur Fowler, even though unbeknownst in order to Martin, Arthur is not their son. Whenever Stacey try clinically determined to have and sectioned due to postpartum psychosis, Bex realises Martin try enduring Arthur, Lily and you may functions, therefore she draws your right up a routine. She accompanies Martin with the a trip to a healthcare facility to see Stacey. Whenever Martin learns the real truth about Arthur’s paternity, the guy goes to stick with his sister Michelle Fowler in america incase the guy yields, he plans to exit for good. Martin then shows that Kush Kazemi try Arthur’s dad to everyone in the street, and additionally Bex. Martin informs Bex one Arthur is still the lady cousin, and you will Bex later on explains so you can Stacey you to definitely she damage her dad. Whenever Martin and Stacey get involved, Martin tells Bex, whom claims you to Arthur actually is this lady sis today.

Keegan Baker insults Bex and you may she learns Shakil are one to of the men who mocked Louise which have Keegan and you will alerts your to remain regarding the lady. If school shuts early, Bex, Louise, Shakil and Keegan simply take a bus house, nevertheless rider suffers a stroke and drives through the sector and on the viaduct. The young is caught up but stay away from through the emergency exit. Bex try distressed to understand Martin was caught up in coach, however, individuals works together to track down him away. Believing that Shakil try guaranteeing Keegan, Louise gets Bex’s mobile phone and you will delivers Shakil’s naked pictures in order to the woman nearest and dearest Alexandra D’Costa and you will Madison Drake and you may Bex are kept upset when she learns what Louise performed and this the newest photographs might have been delivered to someone. Bex remains upset that have Louise, Madison and you can Alexandra on ways he has got treated Shakil and you will try damage when Shakil tells the woman she will be able to “lose dry”. Toward Valentine’s day, Bex obtains a card and you may believes Shakil sent it, not, she realises Louise, Madison and you will Alexandra starred an hookup Edinburgh excellent prank for her. Shakil tells Louise he possess viewed Bex and Travis together and you can Madison and you may Alexandra give Louise they think Bex have already been immediately after Travis for some time, but once Louise face Bex, she insists he could be only loved ones and you will busking along with her.

Bex attempts to alert Louise which they can’t be trusted however, Louise accuses this lady of being jealous because she’s got no relatives out of her very own. Travis leaves Louise’s class and tells Bex you to definitely Louise need this lady. Immediately after Louise will get intoxicated and that is sick, she staggers outside, coughs right up bloodstream and collapses, panicking Bex, Madison, Alexandra, Keegan, Travis and you can Dennis Rickman, who happen to be viewing. Louise was brought to hospital with paralysis and you can Sharon says to Louise about Bex shopping for her. When Louise is distributed household, she attracts Bex round, however, Madison and Alexandra appear thus Bex does not wade in order to Louise’s house. Just after talking with Dennis towards party towards Travis’s account, Bex tells Louise you to definitely Alexandra observed Travis into kitchen area and you can Alexandra interrupts her or him. Alexandra gets herself off issues because of the telling Louise and you may Bex you to Travis may not have already been responsible for spiking her take in and Louise insists that Madison and Alexandra are this lady members of the family. Bex are delighted whenever she discovers Stacey and you will Martin are experiencing an infant.

Bex stops Louise of truanting immediately following getting mocked more than a video clip posted on the internet by the Keegan of shuttle crash and you can Louise gets Bex so you can guarantee you to she will perhaps not restart their experience of Shakil

Bex continues to quietly spiral downward for the next several months, in the end overdosing on her last night in Walford. Next day, Sonia finds out this lady unresponsive during intercourse. Martin production to be sure she is okay and you may chooses to sit after viewing the official she actually is for the. Bex tries to assistance Louise thanks to motherhood. She befriends Dotty Cotton when she movements into the with them. Bex is resentful whenever Sonia steals money from Mark, and finally solves to move aside, and you can relocate having Bobby Beale and Habiba and you may Iqra Ahmed. Bobby, Dotty and Bex want to go out, but Dotty provides along specific pills one to she and you will Bex take; Bobby declines. Bex seeks out Dotty’s dealer to acquire more to the Carters’ boat people, and requires multiple included, perhaps not realising he could be contaminated. The poilce appear at the Sonia’s and you can improve her for the; she tries to alert Bex by calling this lady. Bex tickets on the latest vessel and you may ends up in health. She later chooses to wade travel. Sonia does not want Bex to visit and you may tries to avoid her from the covering up her passport, however, she sooner or later gets the girl blessing and you will Bex departs Walford.