JavaScript or jQuery: which one should I use? by Ashish

Thousands of companies are on the jQuery bandwagon, and your company should be, too. If you ask anyone what their favorite thing about jQuery is, the answer you’ll mostly like receive is the number of useful plugins that jQuery offers. It is impossible to count all the useful plugins in the jQuery ecosystem. Since jQuery has been around for so many years, developers have had time to build and maintain it for so long. It does not add anything to the JavaScript language itself, though it helps manipulate the DOM in a very easy and convenient way for developers. Design a complex CSS animation with the help of fewer lines of code easily.

What Is jQuery? (Definition, vs. Javascript, Features) – Built In

What Is jQuery? (Definition, vs. Javascript, Features).

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JQuery allows for a more streamlined approach since we don’t have to write the fall back code ourselves, the jQuery library accounts for that for us. JQuery has been around for over 10 years, which is a long time for a code library. It’s still one of the most popular JavaScript libraries in web development.

Why do we use jQuery over JavaScript?

Plus, it’s smaller than Flash, so it results in smoother playbacks and less errors. It facilitates the users to write UI related function codes in minimum possible lines. Multiple actions on an element with a single line of code easily perform.

Built In’s expert contributor network publishes thoughtful, solutions-oriented stories written by innovative tech professionals. It is the tech industry’s definitive destination for sharing compelling, first-person accounts of problem-solving on the road to innovation. While it is possible to begin writing jQuery without an advanced knowledge of JavaScript, familiarity with the concepts of variables and data types will help significantly.

Learn The Difference: Jquery vs Javascript

If we had to write our own carousel slider, it could potentially be 8-16 hours of work. Even if we had a JavaScript library that gave us the functionality required to deal with animations, carousel logic is complex. But that doesn’t change the fact that pre-existing browsers have these quirks and why we spend time making sure our projects are appropriately supported across several browsers. While a large portion of users have moved to modern browsers, it would be foolish to believe that everyone is currently running the most modern and up-to-date software. Due to this, we need to make sure our scripts are compatible with a wide range of browser versions.

why do we use jquery

JavaScript is an interpreted language, which means the script written inside javascript is processed line by line. These Scripts are interpreted by a JavaScript interpreter, a built-in component of the Web browser. JQuery comes with built-in utilities that make JavaScript management easier. For instance, you can use the browser utility to access the browser version in your code. Unlike some other JS libraries such as React.js, jQuery is not that big; all the code is in a single long JavaScript file. JavaScript can be used to add interactivity to a web page beyond that which is possible merely with HTML and CSS.

What about JQuery UI ?​

The jQuery UI CDN combines components of CSS and HTML to allow for simple client-side scripting. The following are some of the advantages of using the jQuery CDN. A Content Delivery Network is a geographically distributed network of computers that provides static content to users close to the servers.

  • As the saying goes, time is money and this approach cuts costs for our customers.
  • The most significant of which is to make web pages interactive.
  • If you still want to use JQuery UI in your plugin, you must include it via the page requirements using the jquery_plugin() function.
  • JQuery has a predetermined CSS() method for manipulating the style for any Html elements.
  • JQuery can perform complicated Javascript operations in little code.
  • Assigning ID attributes to each element, and then referencing those in the JavaScript, is the easiest and most reliable way to do so, but there are a couple of downsides with this approach.

JQuery is very simple to grasp and even easier to use, therefore its learning curve is very small. JavaScript code here are couple of other JavaScript based libraries for example, MooTools, but jQuery is the most popular because it is so easy to use and extremely powerful. This has changed now, as new standards by W3C now force all web browsers to implement JavaScript uniformly. This makes the developers life easier by not wasting time debugging the code trying to make it work for on particular web browser.

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But f you want to have a future in web development, you need to master JavaScript, or at least know enough to muddle through. Using JQuery can be quite slow, and in the case of animations, it may be significantly slower than using CSS. The browser interprets JavaScript differently in different browsers. Therefore, the code has to be run and test on various platforms prior to publishing.

JQuery CDN is a light JavaScript framework that speeds up website development by simplifying event handling, animation, AJAX interactions, and HTML page traversal. The jQuery UI CDN makes HTML client-side scripting easier, making developing Web 2.0 applications easier. Because search engines evaluate page load speed as one of the variables, it is important in SEO strategy.

jQuery & important uses

Web developers use JavaScript every day to bring the necessary functionality to the websites they create. One particular tool that provide a great deal of power and flexibility is jQuery. Even without Adobe Flash, the jQuery CDN elements will render appropriately. Even if JavaScript is disabled, web developers can change the HTML DOM. Furthermore, proactive jQuery CDN coding helps minimize browser crashes and reduce the amount of help desk calls. Many people argue that you should always use a CDN for libraries like jQuery, as it will be similar to font-awesome CDN and bootstrap CDN to USD. As previously stated, using a CDN can minimize latency and allow browsers to cache popular files, so they do not have to be loaded from a server.

why do we use jquery

Being one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, jQuery is quite easy to use and is extremely powerful. Developers can make a common UI with the help of this and can likewise deal with browser compatibility issues without any problem. All code that is written in jQuery is changed over to JavaScript internally.

A Brief History of jQuery

With jQuery CDN, developers can create movie-like effects with only HTML and JavaScript knowledge. Furthermore, the jQuery CDN is free and incorporates CSS, JavaScript, HTML, and AJAX, allowing web designers to optimize their sites without making any changes. Some browsers have prerequisites to install adobe flash in order to render all content correctly. StackOverflow’s 2022 survey of web technologies used by professional developers found that just over 29% of more than 45,000 respondents were working with jQuery. Among the JavaScript libraries, jQuery was second only to React.js, the library first developed at Facebook in 2011 and which is now embraced by over 44% of those developers.